Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time to over-indulge!

My wife and son are away visiting family for a week, so I have the whole house to myself.  Shall I catch up on editing family photos and video? Play guitar? Learn to cook Thai food? No! I'm going to play Eve till my eyes bleed!

It's been a while since I could even think about devoting a day to just playing a game, so I'm really going to enjoy this! Fliet is getting some attention from our Caldari militia enemies so there will hopefully be plenty of fighting to go around.  I've started getting into supplying fitted ships to the corp; it's easy (thanks to our jump freighter service) and the ships sell quickly.

Recent Activities

My main activity lately has been station trading, since I haven't had much time to undock and fleet up. With the Crius release coming on July 22nd, I've taken the advice of a corp mate and begun liquidating my PI supplies.  The reasoning is that changes in Player Owned Station (POS) rules will result (we think) in less demand for POS modules. With most PI products eventually being used to make said POS modules, I didn't want to be left holding a lot of stuff that was plummeting in value, so I'm selling it all off and will wait for the smoke to clear after Crius and see what the PI landscape looks like.

I'm through most of the sales and got up to a staggering (for me) 8B ISK in the wallet, with billions more in goods to be sold. I bought some plex at 757M each, just to have some of the cash stashed somewhere safely. The same day I bought them, the price of plex began a steady climb and is now north of 800M, so that was nice!  The money also came in from my stock of Gallente datacores which I accumulated when they cost around 100K or less a few months ago. The Electronic Engineering and Gallente Starship reached the 150K level again, so I began selling and got most of them out of the door.

I've continued trading in Cybernetic Arms and various tattoos. The Wreckage and Prototype tattoos seem to have found a stable price and there's a good 50M-100M profit margin between buy and sell orders.

I've watched a few videos about trading between regions, but honestly, simply doing buy/sell orders at Jita is easy and fun. I even manufacture T1 items in system and sell them during price spikes, which come along more often than you'd think. After Crius, though, this probably won't work, but I've found that if I transport less than 100M ISK at a time, nobody attacks me. I'll probably keep making the same stuff, but a few jumps away, perhaps using public contracts to move my supplies around.