Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Speeds Up

Life Speeds Up...then it goes away

Faction Warfare Missions

I've had a productive couple of weeks lately and I think there's enough material to tell a story or two. I have been out with friends and run Level 4 faction warfare missions, earning about 360K lp in two sessions, totalling about 5 hours. The second set of missions we run seemed to be cursed from the start: my friend undocked his Proteus and the Eve server crashed. When he logged back in he found himself on the station undock, but luckily nobody had attacked him. We set off on our route and suffered two more disconnects. Most of the first missions were mine and we happily blasted through them, noting how quiet the systems were. "I've probably jinxed it now!" said my buddy.

Yes. Yes he had.

When we warped to his mission in Asakai he found a Succubus on the gate, waiting for him. He got scrammed...I landed just behind him and jumped into the mission. I wondered if he could use the acceleration gate too, but it seemed that being scrammed prevented him jumping in with me. I pressed ahead, getting into the field of rats, wondering if I should bounce out and go help my friend.

As in many engagements, the question arises, "whose friends will get here first?"...presumably our attacker had allies coming and we had nobody...but wait! Who just jumped into system?! X Gallentius, a well-known Galmil FC. I quickly convo'd him and asked if he could help. He said yes and we friend's armor was going down and a Pilgrim had landed to help the Succubus. He was being neuted too, and it was starting to look bleak.  Still no sign of our blue buddies landing.

Into structure and a couple of galmil began to arrive, but it was too late. The Proteus turned to wreckage, but the Succubus and his friend were scrammed and destroyed. The gal-bros were kind enough to send some ISK to my friend to help pay for his next ship.

My luck held and I completed my sixth and final mission on my own and headed back home, where we turned in our missions and collected our reward.

Jita Trading and PI

My Jita alt has added some Planetary Interaction skills so I could take advantage of a low-ish tax rate on a good set of POCOs I found near Jita. I did a little math and found a setup that I think will work. I screwed up my first batch and sold them for one-tenth the cost I was looking for, but I'll make that back shortly. I'm using the Customs Code Expertise to lower that tax rate even further. I'm sticking with the same setup I have in Fliet, buying level 3 PI materials and producing level 4s. I could have tried going from level 2 to level 4 but that's frankly more logistics that I care to deal with. Three-to-four will make me about 80-100K profit per unit produced, which I'm perfectly happy with.

The jump freighters I bought are on the verge of returning to higher prices so I can finally sell them. It was an interesting experiment, but too slow to be worth it. I'm going to return to the quick flip, even if the profits are lower.  Some of the other items I've been stockpiling have just had a nice price spike so I'm trying to offload them now.  I've also written a piece of software that will be capable of watching that information for me, when I get around to writing that part of it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Suit Up! From flickr user Tom

The stars aligned and I spent three glorious hours zipping around Oto, helping pew-pew 51 Templis CALSF ships into dust before losing my Catalyst (3M isk ship with 16M loot in the hold...smrt!). Our fellow Gal Mil corp "Rapid Withdrawl" put together a sizeable fleet of cheap but effective Catalysts and we cut through their even cheaper Cormorant/Kestrel/Merlin fleets, with the odd

We close a few plexes and kept our eyes several pirate Snuffbox capsuleers that harassed both sides. They dropped fighters on us a few times, giving us the chance to kill a couple of these super-drones. They were using the soon-to-be-history "Skynet" technique, which I'd never seen in action before. Unfortunately our fleet booster lost his 400M links ship, a Loki, but in fairness Snuff also kill the CalMil booster ship too, a few minutes later.

I tried repeatedly to get my video software to record but it was in flaky mode and insisted that it couldn't. Dang it.

I'm starting to tire of industry a bit, but I've begun writing a program to help me find the juiciest opportunities. Eve Online has an extensive API that allows programmers to access price data, so I'm doing what hundreds of people have already done: write a glorified spreadsheet that will identify stuff selling cheap/expensive etc. I'm using Delphi XE7, a language for which no shared libraries exist (AFAIK), but it's been easy to write my own after having watched several videos on REST/XML support in Delphi.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Final February Profit Report

Meh. Not so hot. With all my knees-bent, running-about-advancing behaviour I didn't do much trade at all. Eve Mentat says I made 1.8B ISK profit. 650M in Jump freighters, 470M in rigs, 300M in datacores and the rest spread across other categories. My financial picture is bit muddied by increased item swapping between characters, but its small scale enough not to chase up...just a quiet month for trading.

Jump Freighter prices have been less profitable, but they're cheaper, on average, than they were in the last couple of months. So I'm trying something new; I'm buying them for 6.3 to 6.4B and waiting for the sell price to drift up towards 7B, which they all do over time. It's a bit riskier since my isk is tied up for longer, but I think that low price is a good point to get in. At the moment I own 4 (I sold two of the ones I bought earlier this month, but bought more.) And there's still 13B of stuff sitting in the hanger. A lot of the apparel I bought has dropped in value, so I'm waiting for spikes to get rid of it...that's not a great idea, actually. If I sold it for what I could get for it now, I'd be able to buy another couple of jump freighters.

But I had fun running chained distribution missions to increase my Caldari standings. My broker fees at Jita went from 0.54% to 0.34%. When I buy and sell a 6.5B Jump Freighter, that's 100M instead of 130M...I'm still paying 0.9% taxes, which I can't reduce without a 13 day train to Accounting V.

I also bought some new ships for my main to pootle around in. A blaster fit Proteus, for running level 4 faction warfare missions, and Asteros for running relic and combat sites. I took my first short dip in a wormhole in a Helios and survived a gate camp, and learned how to use the cloak/mwd trick. Oh, and I helped in the final push to recapture Heydieles for the Gallente.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Level 4 Agents Unlocked

Finally unlocked all level 4 Caldari agents


I reached another milestone, completing the last storyline mission I needed to push my Caldari State standings over 5 (5.18 to be exact), thus making all Caldari level 4 agents available to me. I ran a few level 4 distribution missions just to get a feel for it: they pay about 500 LP and 200-300K ISK each, and require up to 7000 m3 of cargo space. I've found a loop of systems around Hirtamon, 2 jumps from Jita, and doing all the level 3 and 4 distribution agents there will be a nice sideline. The level 4 agents tend to want to send you further away, though, so remember to ask twice if the first offer's destination is too far away. If the second offer is bad too, just click the Delay button and wait four hours - no standings hit :)

You can see from the picture that the storyline missions came pretty quickly; I did six of them on Feb 15th alone. Those include level 2 and 3 missions...remember, you get a storyline mission for every 15 regular missions at each difficulty level, regardless of which corp you run them for.

Jump Freighters

The jump freighters are all tradeable again, with a 300-400M gap between the buy and sell orders. With my broker fees reduced from 0.54% to 0.36% (thanks missions!) I'm saving about 20M in fees on each flip. So I currently own four, one of each model! They're all listed for sale, but the sale is usually slower than the buy.

First Wormhole Visit

I finally made a trip into a wormhole - there was a class 2 entrance in Fliet so I got my exploration Helios and went a-scanning. I'd always wanted to try the nullsec relic and data sites and since CCP added them to wormholes a few months back I'd be able to do so more easily. I'd read a couple of guides to handling wormholes, so I knew to d-scan a lot and also bookmark the entrance and any exits I used. I checked who owned the POCOs in the system and looked up their corporate zkillboard, and did the same for the wormhole itself. Not much activity in either place, so I was probably safe.

I found and started a data site, but quit halfway through: the loot was worth very little...about 500K from 3 cans. I kept probing the system and found a relic site...15M ISK, that's better! I'm going to follow the advice I've read recently and remove the data analyzer, replacing it with a rangefinding midslot module to make the probing go faster.

On the way back to my home station I flew through what I heard described on corp comms as "an instalocking gatecamp" - my Helios wasn't caught, thanks Cov Ops Cloaking Device!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Boosting Standings Through Distribution Missions

  • The Jump Freighter trade that has been so lucrative for me has dried to a trickle; I haven't successfully bought, let alone sold, one this month.
  • Planetary Interaction is also minimal this month.
  • I've added Small Energy rigs to my manufacturing rotation, make for ~15K, sell for 60-100K.
  • I skilled up to running 9 production lines at once.
  • I've bought a Proteus and some Asteros and can, time allowing, go run some level 4 faction warfare missions and small exploration combat sites.

My Distribution Mission Layout (approximately)

Why Run Distribution Missions?

Those are the bullet points for what's happened in the last couple of weeks, but the area that's been the most fun is running Level 2, then Level 3 distribution missions in order to raise my standings with the Caldari State, which I'm doing to try and cut my tax/fees bill, currently running at 2-3B ISK per month! Prior to doing these missions, my broker fee was 0.54% (it's now 0.46% after maybe 8 hours of missions). The Caldari Navy corporation, which owns Jita, already loves me lots (7+), so boosting my Caldari State standings (it was 2.7) is the most obvious improvement I can now make.

Faction standings are more than twice as important (says Eve Uni wiki) as corporate standings when it comes to determining your broker fees, so you want the Caldari State to think you're the bees knees. You can most easily raise this by running 15 missions of one type and level (i.e 16 level 2 security, or 15 level 3 distribution) for agents of ANY (ANY!) Caldari company. The company doesn't matter, do 'em all.  When the 15th is completed, a Storyline Agent will contact you and offer you a "mission which will greatly impact your faction standings." This is the juice!

The missions are easy; so far I've seen "Clear The Path", killing three easy waves of Gallente ships (done in a Rapid Light Missile Caracal), Materials of War (buy and deliver 10,000 Omber). I've done each of these several times and my faction standing is now 3.8.

Many people will advise you to track how many missions you've done, and make sure the last mission is near a Storyline Agent, because their missions give a big boost to your standings for the Storyline Agent's corporation too. I was less interested in that, so I didn't bother tracking; I just chewed through as many missions as I could.

So I bought a Nereus hull, equipped cargo optimization rigs and Expanded Cargohold IIs, learned the MWD+Cloak trick and brought up the Agent Finder. I set the Faction filter to Caldari, mission type to distribution, and went to the nearest cluster and picked up missions.

Backtracking a little: I've already done some security missions, but its been a slog. Each one takes a while, and though you can accept more than one at a time, you can only been in one mission site at a time, shooting one set of rats.  The nice thing about distribution missions is that after accepting three, four, five missions and setting off on the journey, you're working on all of them at the same time! And when you dock to deliver one cargo, you can often pick up another at the very same station! Put simply, you can do a lot of these missions, and quickly. In four hours of play, I received and ran THREE storyline missions. This raised my faction standing from 2.7 to 3.1, which unlocked all the Level 3 Caldari Agents.

Shaping The Cloud

You want to avoid accepting missions that send you too far out of the way, and I also prefer to avoid low-sec deliveries, which carry greater risk but offer no higher reward. My Nereus carries about 15km3 of cargo (soon to be more), and Level 3 missions require cargo between 1800 and 4000m3 each, so I'm usually working five or six missions at the same time. In my experience (hah!) a Level 3 Caldari distribution agent is never more than 1 or 2 jumps away.

When you talk to an agent, look at the delivery point. If its on your current route, take it: easy decision there. If not, make a note of current length of your route. Then right-click the deliver system and Add Waypoint. Then click Optimize (you're going to be using this button a lot!) If the length of your route changes by more than 2 or 3...meh...if it changes by 4 or more..that's a long way to go for just one guy.  Are there more agents along the way, and do you have the cargo space to pick up more? The more full you are, the more you want the delivery system to be very close to where you're already going. You ain't got no time to go wandering off your route for a single delivery.

With each agent you get two bites of the cherry; you can decline their first offer. Here's the new trick I just learned. You can talk to them again AND "Delay" the second offer if you don't like it. I used to never Request Mission a second time because I thought I'd be obliged to take it or have to Decline, thus taking a standings penalty. But you can safely ask again, then click "Delay" if you don't like it. The mission offer will eventually (a week later) expire and you'll get an email from the agent expressing disappointment, but you'll not be penalized. Or you can wait four hours and safely decline the mission.

The Agent Finder (I've mapped Shift-Alt-F to it) won't indicate if you're carrying cargo for an agent, so keep the journal handy (Alt-J) and make sure, before fly to talk to an agent, that you're not already working for them!

Ignore the fact that you'll miss out on most of the bonus payments; you're probably doing this for standings, not for the ISK or even the loyalty points.

Safety and Mistakes You Might Make

The stuff you're carrying is mostly worthless, but gankers sometimes kill industrial ships for the lolz. You should learn the Cloak+MWD trick, and use it if you see any combat ships at the gate when you arrive on the other side..I saw a surprising number of Tengus that just sat on the gate. Most of the time, however, I've seen mostly industrial ships or nobody at all.

Mistakes in the missions mainly means you're flying less efficiently; try not to get sent really far out of the way, especially if you're close to full already. You'd like to be making a pickup or delivery every 2 or 3 jumps.  Just last night I flew an extra five jumps to a station, just to talk to an agent. And my ship was already full, d'oh! I couldn't have accepted his mission even if I wanted to! Don't add too many agent's stations to your route just because you'd like to get missions from them. Three or four agents can fill you up.

It can be hard to remember, after a lot of adding/deleting waypoints, why a particular waypoint is on your route. The "Agents and Places" screen (Alt-E) will help a little, but you have to look at each set of places yourself. If you don't see a delivery to that system listed, you had planned to talk to an agent there, but maybe you've already picked up all the cargo you can handle.

Helping Out The Little Guys

You can, of course, work for Level 2 and Level 1 agents as well. They have, remember, their own counter to 15 missions and will generate storyline missions for you, albeit less lucrative ones. Their cargoes are much smaller and they tend to send you to closer systems, which can be a nice easy gain. I won't fly to a system JUST to talk to them, though, I pretty much only use them if they happen to be in the same station I'm already in.

I don't accept these cheaper missions if they require me to go somewhere else, pickup a thing, and bring it back to this agent. "They, Robots" comes to mind.

UI Improvements

It's easy to lose track of why a particular station or system is on your route: am I delivering there, or is there an agent I wanted to talk to? Looking at the agent finder, do I already have a mission from that particular agent? Which of these agents are along the route I'm flying?

The information to answer these questions is available, but its in several windows. One easy improvement I see is for the agents in the Agent Finder to have their names colored green if you already have accepted a mission from them. Their system name, or agent name perhaps, could be in a different color (yellow?) if it lies on your current route, just like the Market window already does.

It would be nice if the "System" list on the agent finder was restricted to the current region you were in. If I choose "The Forge", that's where I'm interested in looking.

Extra Benefit

You can run these missions easily while doing other real life tasks, such as cleaning the kitchen, and earn spouse LP :) I put the laptop on the stove and click the "jump" button every 45 seconds or so.

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015 Profit Report - 9.3B

I haven't had much chance to undock and shoot spaceships, so once again my activity has been trading and manufacturing. Here's my trading profit report for the month of January, showing only my Jita trading character's work in categories that made more than 100M ISK during the month. The categories I didn't include added up to almost 600M ISK as a group. All this data comes out of Eve Mentat.

Overall Status

9.3B profit this month, 22B liquid isk, 10.7B in escrow, 16.5B of stuff in my trading hangar.

Trading Commentary

  1. Jump Freighter $4,081,628,255.16 
  2. Advanced Commodities $1,785,510,360.20 
  3. Rig Armor $442,954,331.40 
  4. Miscellaneous $368,094,098.98 
  5. Capacitor Booster $330,191,965.23 
  6. Rig Hybrid Weapon $274,777,660.61 
  7. Mining Upgrade $246,659,592.89 
  8. Outer $232,421,766.74 
  9. Remote Armor Repairer $225,203,779.80 
  10. Tattoos $221,325,396.59 
  11. Datacores $192,406,120.04 
  12. Hybrid Charge $131,253,168.81 
  13. ECM $129,453,489.49 
  14. Shield Hardener Blueprint $106,243,188.39 
Jump Freighters: 4B profit was less than the 6.6B I pulled in last month, flipping 9 ships. The margins just got too close, for too long, and at one point I was holding three ships which took a long time to sell. Best trade was a Rhea for 800M profit (after taxes/fees), worst was a Nomad that I lost 20M on after taxes/fees. I still consider this trade easy money, though, especially if you buy the ships in the low 6B range. The prices swings often enough that, if you're patient, you'll be able to sell for a nice profit. I wait for a 300M gap, which nets me 170M profit after taxes/fees.

Advanced Commodities: I got my PI operations into action again, selling a total of 4680 Self-Harmonizing Power Cores, Sterile Conduits and Broadcast Nodes. I'm pretty sure my cost figures are close to correct on these, but the cost of the P3 inputs to these items varies widely. I try and buy as much as I can when costs are low, but if I just need one of the three inputs to get the factory started, I'll buy it from sellers, just to get things moving.

One example: for the Power Cores (avg sell price 1.53M), I paid 45.5K for the camera drones, 76.7K for the hermetic membranes and 73.5 for the nuclear reactors. 6 of each comes to a total input cost of 1.17M. So that's about 350K profit on each Power Core, of which I sold 1453, for a profit of 605M. 

Imma keep doin' PI, which, I will state once again is utterly dependent on the juicy 0% tax rate I enjoy at our Aideron Robotics POCOs.

I have three factories in our home system and have also set up a fourth Advanced Commodity factory next door. I get to that one less often though.

Capacitor Booster: This little thing is amazing, though I'm running out of stock. Early this month I got 38 Micro Capacitor Booster Is (a pretty useless item) from just two transactions, plus several smaller deals, for about 6.8M each and they sell steadily for over 15M each. It adds up, especially when the price spike to 40-60M and sales actually increased!

Rig Armor: The Small Tranverse Bulkhead I rig is a license to print money. Cost 60K to build and I built and sold 3600 of them. The sell price stayed high this month, almost 200K, though its slipped in the last couple of days.

Mining Upgrade: Sadly, the Aoede Mining Laser Upgrade market totally dried up. A ton of buyers arrived, and though the price didn't move up much, the sales just stopped happening. I managed to buy and sell one, but took it off my list and actually haven't checked in again for a week or two. I'll check again, though, because this one has been very good to me.

Miscellaneous: The Gallente Beta Nexus chip is a quiet performer. Buy for ~2.7M, sell for ~3.5.  I bought and sold about 500 of these this month. Trades are "chunky"; they move slowly in small amounts until someone comes along and trades a huge amount at once. I put up orders for at least 100 at a time, so I don't miss out on those Big Trades.

Rig Hybrid Weapon: I manufacture and sell these at Jita; they're the Small Hybrid Locus/Burst/Collision/Ambit rigs. Cost 25K to make, sell for 50K-80K most of the time. I'm actually training my Jita alt to be able to run more manufacturing lines so I can make more of these (and similar rigs) as I often find myself looking at a great sell price with no stock available to sell. More lines needed!

Outer and Tattoos: Various apparel items. This is where I started trading expensive items but honestly its getting a lot harder than it used to be. I have a ton of orders that hardly ever get filled, and the items take a long time to sell. I think I'm going to phase out of the apparel market. It's nice to make 100-200M profit on an item that cost about the same amount, but it now takes so long that I could've probably made the same amount faster with other items.

Remote Armor Repairer: Small Remote Armor Repairer IIs can be bought for under 1M and, if you're patient, sold for 2M-4M. There was such a spike this month and I sold a good amount into that, but actually the "non-spike" sell price of 1.25M is attractive too; it's very steady and I'm selling my remaining stock at those prices, since the spikes are pretty infrequent.

Datacores: I'm buying/selling datacores at Jita plus I've set up cheap buy orders at Federal Defense Union stations in Essence. A lot of these sales were from stocks I've held for months, waiting for spikes. They're too infrequent, so I'm lower my expectations from a 150K sale to 130K, and buying around 100K or less.

Hybrid Charges: Gallente Federal Navy small ammo sells slowly at Jita, but with excellent profit margins. I buy at 250 ISK and sell at 800-1000 ISK, when the volumes dry up enough to push the prices. Honestly, I think I'm benefiting from pilot's following their fits too closely: "It says 1000 Fed Navy iron, so that's what I'll buy!" when Caldari Navy ammo is IDENTICAL and costs half that.

ECM: I noticed that meta 4 jammers sell in high volumes at Jita and with good profit margins. The Minmatar "Enfeebling" did most of the work here, buying at 100K and selling around 180K. For fun, I included the Caldari BZ-5 in my region-wide buy orders in Essence when nobody wanted them, buying for just 2000 ISK. I'd round them up with the other valuable stuff and sell for 250K at Jita.

Shield Hardener BPO: This trade is on hold because the price dropped too far, but it's probably going to come back soon; it always does. I buy it a few jumps away from Jita and sell for double the cost.

Closing Comments

Overall it's been another good month of trading; nothing unusual really happened. Oh, except the one poor bastard who picked up my 800M collateral courier contract and tried to deliver it to Jita in an Iteron Mk V. It was his first ship loss...not sure where a noob would get 800M to drop on a single freight run, or why they'd start with such a big, expensive cargo?!

I did learn a new trick this month, though. I bought a Bowhead (which Eve Mentat doesn't detect yet) for 1.7B when I saw that the cheapest sellers, at 1.8B were very few in number. I figured, correctly, that within a day or two, the sell price would go up to the high 1.9B range, where the next batch of sellers were positioned. I bought and sold the ship within a few days; a nice 200M profit.

However I tried the same thing with Jump Freighters and basically got stuck holding a white elephant. A new wave of sellers came in when Rheas were listed at 7.8B and quite quickly pushed the price down. It took a while to wait that one out and get a good price. The same opportunity came up again towards the end of the month and I deliberately avoided it.

I've looked at Eve ISK Per Hour to try and find new items to make and sell. There's some good candidates and I've started making/selling those. We'll see next month if it pans out.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Profit Report for Dec 2014

 Photo credit: Lending Memo

I've decided to be quite detailed about how I'm making money, not only to help others find a good trade, but to also attempt to ruin that trade and force me to find other stuff to trade :) You can read last month's report here.

Updated Jan 2nd 2015 to include all of December.

Eve Mentat shows me how much profit or loss I made for every transaction, so I grabbed the three thousand or so sales rows and dropped them into a spreadsheet to see which categories were best. Here are the results, and some discussion for each category that resulted in more than 100M ISK profit. My total profit this month is around 15B ISK, on revenue of 128.6B and costs of 111B, ending with 17B liquid cash, 4B in escrow plus 14B in stuff waiting to be sold. Also, I invested a 2B with a corpmate, bought a plex for 800M and sent 500M to The Angel Project.

Also worth noting is that these figures don't include tax and broker fees, which added up to, *gulp*, 3B ISK!

This is only data from my Jita trading alt. My main does some manufacturing and trading too, on a smaller scale.

Notable exception: The Small Rig Core category includes Small Ancillary Current Routers, which I screwed up and lost 380M on due to fat-fingering a sell order. I sold 800 of them for 80K instead of 800K. Had I not done that, there would be about 125M ISK profit in that category.

(Jeez, Blogger still doesn't have a simple table editor! Is this the past?)

  1. Jump Freighter $6,627,993,972 
  2. Mining Upgrade $3,004,757,304 
  3. Advanced Commodities $773,508,387 
  4. Outer $463,754,567 
  5. Tattoos $386,712,236 
  6. Rig Hybrid Weapon $382,623,450 
  7. Rig Armor $353,975,001 
  8. Tops $350,685,372 
  9. Datacores $289,117,034 
  10. Hybrid Charge $226,129,578 
  11. Cyberimplant $223,360,486 
  12. Capacitor Booster $174,297,518 
  13. Shield Hardener Blueprint $160,999,968 
  14. Hybrid Weapon $137,408,656 
  15. Warp Scrambler $125,806,889 
  16. Miscellaneous $117,160,041 
  17. Heavy Assault Missile $114,586,289 
  18. Super Weapon $111,897,864 
(Note: there a more posts on several of these topics in the archives, written as I was first doing that kind of trade, so please read older posts for more details.)

Jump Freighters are my new favorites. Since it costs 30M in fees/taxes to buy one, and a further 100M in fees/taxes to sell, I wait till there's about a 300M gap between the sell and buy orders, then try and acquire one with a buy order, in order to put up a sell order and flip it. It takes a couple of days for each step, though I did make one sale just a few hours after getting it. I did 29 transactions (ie flipped 14 or 15 ships, mostly Rheas and Arks), plus four Bowhead freighters (which don't show in the Eve Mentat data, for some reason.) On Dec 31st I bought a Nomad for 6.6B and sold it a few hours later for 7.7B. This price gap is still there, and I now have TWO more Nomads that I'm trying to sell!

Mining Upgrades - the lovely meta 4 Aeode has been so, so good to me! It consistently gives me a 300M profit on a 500M investment. That's the same profit I have to pay 6B for when trading jump freighters. I also bought/sold 13 or 14 of these.

Advanced Commodities are my P4 PI output: Broadcast Nodes, Self-Harmonizing Power Cores etc. Profit is high at the moment because I'm still using up the P3 supplies I bought when prices were lower. I only created and sold 640 units, all Self-Harmonizing Power Cores, which sold for up to 2.9M, a ridiculously good markup. Compare this with last month when I made almost 3000 units, with 860M profit, this month still did very well. This works particularly well for me because my corp, Aideron Robotics, has 0% taxes on our Customs Offices and a very cheap jump freighter service to Jita.

Outer/Tattoos/Tops: Clothing is a hard slog; the most expensive items trade very rarely.  There's a lot of 0.01'ing to do and my profits are actually being dragged down by me still getting through stock from before the price crash that hit some of the tattoos a few months back. But it still added up nicely! I've found that setting up region wide buy orders helps get new stock in, not just restricting my buying to Jita. I use public couriers to get the items to me.

Rig Hybrid Weapon: There's money to be made in T1 Small Hybrid Burst/Ambit/Collision/Locus rigs, if the stars align. They all cost 15-25K to make, and this month they all spiked in price to 100-300K each! That added up, as you can see, to significant profit, and I bought the ingredients, made the item, and sold them at Jita; never undocked for any of it, except to research some extra blueprints at Sobaseki next door.

Rig Armor profit is mostly from Small Transverse Bulkheads, which I wrote about earlier. They cost under 100K to make now, but the price spiked to 500K for several days, and came down quite slowly.

Datacores - I own mostly Gallente-flavored cores, which haven't been spiking to 150K like they used to. Still, it happened once so I sold about 15000 of various types at 130-150K each, some from my stockpiles and some newly acquired. I'm experimenting with buying and selling these at Jita when there's at least a 20K profit per item. I've noticed that they can be bought in bulk quite quickly compared to other items, and sold just as fast.

Hybrid Charge/H.A.M  I have written before about trading Caldari faction ammo, and this month I added some of their, and also Guristas, Scourge missiles to the roster. The supplies come in at a steady pace. Sales take a little longer, but are also reliable.

Cyberimplant Low grade spur gamma and delta implants keep showing up in the list of most efficient LP to ISK conversions, earning 4K ISK per LP, or higher if the price spikes (which is rare). I don't earn LP very often (sad face), so this is a good way to burn up my meager points. They sell very slowly, with the occasional bulk buyer helping move the piles.

Capacitor Boosters are an oddity in this list. I traded Micro Capacitor Booster I, buying at 6M and selling at 20-35M. I read up on them and they're collectors item only. Hard to get, but a very nice profit rate.

Blueprint/Warp Scrambler I found a steady and reliable trade in a blueprint that sells several copies a day for about 2M profit each time. Very little competition...don't know why. There are probably a lot of possible trades like this at Jita. You buy the BPOs from nearby systems from NPCs, then sell at Jita. The Warp Scramblers are meta 4 Faint Epsilons, which I acquire from region-wide buy orders in other regions at less than 2M each, then public courier into piles, and eventually to Jita. A fun trade if you like setting up pipelines of goods.

Super Weapon?! Yeah, when I was looking for items to trade, I saw that the four Titan doomsday weapons had a good markup, and very slow sales; about the same rate as some of the clothing I trade in. Why not try it? Well, I finally got a "Judgement" after about 2 weeks wait, and it took another  week for a public courier to move it to Jita from low sec, then 2 more weeks to sell. Fun once, but I'm not doing that again.

That's it for this month, I hope this post helps you find some good trades too. Take mine, I won't mind :)