Monday, August 10, 2015

My Eve Weekend

My wife and son went out of town for a few days, which gave me two evenings and a weekend to play a lot of Eve. I had planned in advance what activities I wanted to focus on: PvE in combat sites, with the hope of getting an expensive loot drop at the end, pirate relic sites in wormholes or nullsec, and level 4 faction warfare missions, since my militia was in tier 3 and the loyalty point payouts came with a nice 75% bonus.  I also wanted to join my corps regular fleets and go out and shoot spaceships!

tl;dr I ran some sites with corpmates, flew with our fleets, did three rounds of FW missions, lost a 500M ISK Proteus and spent some time in wormholes.  I found very few pirate relic sites and the constant possibility of getting jumped by someone (which happened once, though I escaped) was a bit too much to want to repeat.