Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More low level Faction Warfare missions

Following on from my last post about doing lower level faction warfare missions I decided to see what it was like to get a lot of them at once - pretty good, as it turns out! My plan was to fly my usual route of agents and ask all the agents for missions. I'd accept any level 1, 2 or 3 mission in those in systems close to home: Nagamanen, Hasmijaala, Oto, Onatoh, Sujarento etc. I also moved an Algos and Vexor to a station in the area for quicker deployment and running of these missions.

You might like to open this google docs spreadsheet for reference (there are two tabs - one for level 4, one for all others): I'll be filling it out as I go through all this testing. And remember, you can ask each agent TWICE for a mission. You can decline the first offer, request again, and Delay the second if you don't like it. Look in the lower left of the agent conversation window to see if you can safely decline the mission: I wish CCP would make this more prominent! If you see "4 hours" mentioned, you can decline. If it says something else (like 2 hours 46 minutes) that means you decline his offer 1 hour and 14 minutes ago and you'll have to wait to decline another one. But you can ALWAYS Delay safely until the timer has run out.

For the level 4 agents in station I would accept missions further afield, but only a couple of missions would be acceptable. After just 4 or 5 agents I had accepted about ten missions! The low level missions were in general very easy: arrive in Algos (even a Tristan for level 1 missions), drop drones, target "the commander", kill him and warp out. But I'll be avoiding Supply Interdiction - the target industrial ships take a while to kill and the rats put up a lot of resistance.

I had another go at The Reprisal with a stealth bomber, without success. Orbiting at 45km my Nemesis was applying about 420 dps to the Sector Commander, which he was able to tank. I tanked the incoming damage at around 50% shield...stalemate. With a second stealth bomber I know we could knock him off. The most successful part of this test was only getting jammed once in ten minutes of orbiting/shooting. Oh, and getting through a forty-man gate camp on the way there!

To summarize: do a tour of all the FW agents in your area and get missions from all four agents. If you can handle level 4 missions, take Dead Men (stealth bomber) and Cutting the Net (Tristan - easy!). For level 1-3, take them all except Supply Interdiction and Precursor To Rescue, which involves taking an item back to the agent (like Cutting the Net does).

Level 1 missions pay about 1,000 LP, Level 2 about 3,500 and Level 3 around 14,000. If you're new to faction warfare or space-poor, these missions are a quick and easy way to get some LP and at about 1200 ISK per LP, it will get your wallet balance to decent levels.