Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Grind Continues

From wikipedia

The grind for control of Heydelies continues. I hadn't thought to look up our enemy, Old Man Gang, but their persistence in fighting us prompted the thought "I oughta know who these guys are". OMG is an alliance of five corporations with about 200 pilots, compared to our 80.

This isn't going to be easy.

Heydelies fluctuates around 60-70% contested each day as OMG and us, with the help of people who join our nightly fleets, run plexes. We are bringing in more ships and getting better at re-shipping to take each fight with more appropriate equipment.  There's not much more to say other than this is the difficult, grinding face of faction warfare. You need to organize as close to round-the-clock presence in system as you can, refine your tactics, have ships available for purchase, make sure the right ships are on the field and everyone knows how to fly them. Rinse and repeat.

[Next Day Update - Nov 7th 2013]

Last night was quite successful; OMG were not out in large numbers and we ran a lot of plexes in Heyd AND in OMG's current home system of Fliet. We had Fliet at 44% contested and Heyd down in the low 60% range. We also had good numbers in our defense fleet; enough to be working in two systems at once.

Our supply chain is strengthening and we've developed some tools to watch our stock of components for all our doctrine ship fits so we can more easily re-ship and also sell replacement ships to visitors who are helping us defend Heyd.. The market in Heyd is well-stocked and continues to fill up and we're seeing repeat visitors each night to participate in our fleet.

Hope springs eternal, and all that.