Friday, December 19, 2014

The End of the Aoede Mining Laser Upgrade? No.

CCP just announced the latest set of modules to be swept up in the module tiericide project. Unfortunately it includes th'lovely meta 4 MLU, the Aoede, which I regularly buy for about 500M and sell for 800M to 1B (a quick look at EveMon says I've bought/sold 10 of them in 12 days). The previous round of tiericide saw modules get merged together, so I suspect it's possible that the Aoede may no longer exist when the January 2015 release is done.

I owned six of them when the announcement was made, and was trying to sell them for about 950M. I lowered my price to about 880M, and thought for a minute....then decided to sell three of them directly to buy orders for 501M each. I basically got my money back on those, and left three on the market for 880M, hoping someone might buy them anyway, despite the uncertainty.  Luckily for me, a buyer picked up all three in one transaction!

Bullet dodged.

Edit from one hour later: CCP Terminus responded to a comment I made in the official forums.

Those are become faction modules with the same drop rate as before. Mining Laser Upgrades are not changing as much as some of the other module types when it comes to merging named modules. There will be more info out about the changes very soon.


Other Stuff

I'm using the free 20 days of multi-character training to buff my Jita alt's ability to fly a PvE Drake, and also buff her ability to research her own blueprints. Flipping Jump Freighters continues to be the most amazing thing I've seen in station trading :) I wait till there is at least a 300M gap between the buy/sell orders, since it costs me 130M to complete a buy/sell cycle.