Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Kindness of Strangers

Oh, that stung.

I thought I'd outdone myself last week when I blew 500M ISK into dust by selling a pile of stuff for 79K each instead of 799K each, but I made what will hopefully be my biggest and last mistake by evaporating 3B ISK.

I bought an jump freighter for 9.9B instead of 6.9B isk. Nobody to blame but myself; I was placing a new order, not modifying an existing one, and got the first digit wrong by typing a 9 instead of a 6. I've gotten used to typing these numbers out without checking too closely and bam, 3B ISK got spent. Pro Tip: When spending billions of isk in a single transaction, check your digits!

Next day, on Christmas, the story of the Very Shiny Jump Freighter continued to unfold. I had written to the seller asking, if he/she was so inclined, to give me a partial refund since that was a pretty big mistake on my part. I tried to sound non-whiny and assured them that it would be ok if they kept the money. They were very gracious and gave almost all of it back, for which I was very grateful!

The incident reminded me that a couple of days before I'd been the beneficiary of a similar error by someone else. They'd sold me a 300M item for just 300,000 ISK, to my top buy order of 145M. At the time I decided not to alert them, but felt slightly guilty about it. The generosity of the jump freighter seller spurred me into contacting the other guy and letting him know of his mistake, plus giving him 140M. A few hours later he wrote back and that was very nice of me, and that he hadn't noticed his error, and he gave me back 200M ISK!

Well, I can't even give the stuff away!

I reflected on my good luck, and the good nature of these two Eve players, and sent a donation of 500M ISK to Sindel Pellion's Angel Project. Hopefully the rolling ball of good karma will continue to pass to other capsuleers.