Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Glorious Day in the Corp!

Video link - Aideron Robotics Cruiser Roam Fight

Aideron had a really good weekend, racking up a ton of kills and securing our hold on our home system of Fliet. Some of our pilots woke up early in order to deny the Caldari the ten or so un-opposed plexes they been taking after downtime each day. We have taken Fliet from 60% contested down to under 30% and are feeling more secure.

We've also been going out in fleets more often and getting great results! We have 441 kills so far this month; that's as many as we had in the whole of October 2013!

The most unusual incident I saw was the discovery of a pilot-less Guardian at a gate. We had jumped through and seen a pirate Ishtar, who we pointed and killed. The Guardian that we thought was with him sat still through the whole fight, leaving us wondering what was going on. Our FC brought up the radial menu on the ship and noticed that the option to "board" the ship was present, so after some whooping it up and ship swapping, we had ourselves a faction fit 340M isk Guardian! We decided to take it back to Fliet right away and had to dodge a large neutral/pirate fleet that was roaming the area. Props to our scouts for keeping us out of trouble!

I flew my Vexor into four fights over the weekend and despite being in the thick of the action, came out without a scratch :) That includes landing on a gate camp which, for some reason, didn't point me as I warped away. Eventually my luck will run out, of course, but for now it feels pretty lucky!

My Jita trading character had a very successful weekend, though it was quite a roller coaster. After selling a couple of large items she had 1.7B isk in the wallet. I spent it all! A succession of pricey buy orders got filled and I went as low as 50M ISK before the sales starting happening again. Cybernetic Arms and Tattoos (both under the Apparel section) are the heavy hitters for me right now.