Friday, February 28, 2014

Cruiser fight: Aideron vs Sniggwaffe

Feast yer eyes on this slaughter! Sniggwaffe pilots spread their damage so thin that they only manage to take out one of our combat ships while we cut them to pieces. Our Vexors and Exeqs take on their Exeqs/Celestis/Thoraxes and it's a very one-sided battle. I'm flying logi and spend a good chunk of the fight jammed by their Celestis or ECM drones, including the point near the beginning where I'm trying to repair Rajeet as he loses his slicer.

The Atron was lost was actually due to friendly fire. A friend of mine, not a member of Gallente Militia, was flying with us in order to try out PvP. He showed up as neutral on the overview of the Blackfox fleet which arrived and they took him out. He has sinced joined Aideron (smart move!) and is settling into low-sec life after just a few weeks since starting Eve Online.

A major lesson to learn from this video is to notice how the Sniggwaffe guys spread their damage. My watchlist, covering about half our fleet, shows lots of our guys taking damage at the same time. We were easily able to repair this (except when we were jammed). We, I think, focused our fire better and took their ships out one by one.

Fantastic new video intro put together by Baynex - thank you!