Monday, March 10, 2014

And the sky full of stars

I tried to get this to start playing from 1m06s, but failed.

Last night's fleet saw us taking more losses than we were used to, but we did get 18 kills across several engagements (14-03-10 from 02:11 to 03:23). They were mostly Sniggwaffe and some Pandemic Legion. We had about 25-30 in fleet, mostly Vexors/Exeqs and Atrons for scouting and we set out on a roam from Fliet. It was difficult to find any targets -- I had come in a Tristan because I joined the fleet late and didn't want to be out solo in a cruiser. I joined the scouting group and went out ahead of the fleet to try and get good intel to the FC.

Scouting is hard :)

You're generally in a small ship, looking for large groups of ships that you can d-scan and send an eve-dingo scan to your fleet channel. The movement of hundreds of millions of isk worth of ships hangs on your words. I got our fleet to engage a cruiser gang of 22 ships, but I lost my ship in the process; my gate cloak ran out while I was getting the d-scan information out.

I reshipped into a long point Atron and rejoined the fleet in the Innia/Eha/Pavannaka area. We encountered the Snigg/PL fleet again; they'd grown to about 45 ships (I think) and the battle was rejoined. We took a lot of them out and...looking at our losses I expected to see more in one area, but it looks like we got picked off in small groups across multiple systems. They were chasing us as we headed back to Fliet and they caught us a few at a time on gates. I lost my Atron after warping to another scout who was being pointed and died as I warped to him. I took out the Stiletto that he'd almost killed and (still kicking myself over this) instead of warping to another gate I told my ship to jump through the gate we were fighting on. It was 13 km away and as my ship burned to it, the enemy fleet came through, decloaked and blapped me.  It wasn't an expensive loss, just a dumb one.

I took an exploration frigate out, hoping to finish on a high note and was rewarded. A data site yielded 25M in loot, which more than paid for my Tristan and Atron losses.