Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A really good couple of days in Eve

Longest fight I've had so far!

Sunday and Monday nights saw some exciting times in Eve for me. The fight you see above was a cruiser gang sitting on the Heyd gate in Old Man Star. We shipped into cruisers and took them on; it was a long battle. It took twenty minutes but we eventually won and with very few losses. We didn't get their shiny Guardians or Armageddons, but took out a lot of other ships. See here on March 3rd around 02:45 in OMS.

We had a good sized fleet last night, around 25 pilots. We started with deplexing then went on a fast tear around the neighbourhood getting lots of kills in the process. I'll make a video when I can. I mostly fly logi now, but in a Navitas you can fit one drone...might as well be a combat drone :) I got on seven kills!

My T1 industry bits are in place -- nothing major, I just wanted to be able to make all the small rigs we use on our ships. Prices in low-sec are higher, generally, than in high-sec and I've set up my manufacturing in Yvangier so I can't lose stuff in faction warfare mechanics.  There's a pilot in the corp who does free jump freighter runs from Jita (thanks!!), which is an incredibly valuable service to provide. I used that to acquire some of the ingredients and blueprints I needed to get a decent volume of stuff made.

I also fixed the audio problems on my computer - it's a bit tricky getting the microphone/speakers/volume set up so that you can properly record Eve videos, but I think I've finally got it right.

I also sold a lot of expensive items through my trader and I've finally understood what station containers are for. If you regularly receive trade items after a fleet and don't like losing them in the general mess that is your hanger, buy a couple of station containers. Keep all your stuff in them, and keep your hanger empty. When you receive new items and transfer them to your hangar, they'll be the only things there. It came in very handy yesterday when, at a moment's notice, I received a bunch of modules to fit to a borrowed ship and had to refit quickly.

Laugh of the day: This World of Warcraft player came to Eve and just did everything wrong. He spent a fortune (like $1300 REAL MONEY) buying a ship without realizing he could lose it. On losing it, he then got conned out of ANOTHER ONE, by two slick-tongued scammers. Welcome to Eve :)