Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heydieles Recaptured!

From flickr user jinterwas

We joined an operation last night to bash the Heydieles ihub and return the system to Gallente control! Although we didn't focus our plexing efforts on Heyd itself in the past few weeks, we did take out several installations owned by Old Man Gang, mainly Player Owned Stations. They upped sticks and moved to Ennaluri a few days ago; either we drove them out or they decided to move on their own, but the upshot is that we control Heyd again, yay!  I still have manufacturing supplies in a station there and will now move it to Yvangier, my permanently-accessible factory.

[Update from April 2014: We only held Heydieles for a couple of weeks, long enough to evacuate our stuff, do a little plexing, but not much else. No Gallente militia corps moved in there, so with nobody to defend it, it fell to the Caldari again. But, at time of writing, it's nearing 70% contested again, so we may own it again. At this point it's "just another system", not a stronghold.]

The T1 manufacturing game is going strongly - I have several items for sale in three different systems and it is all selling steadily.  I'm looking to revamp my PI setup; it seems obvious now that the smartest thing to do is build P4 items (like broadcast nodes) out of P3 inputs. You can make between 100 and 200K profit on each item, and if you don't waste a planet on building the P3s yourself you can make a considerable amount of ISK. I haven't actually built it yet, but there are several barren planets in my area that I can use for the purpose and I'm greatly looking forward to it. And it turns out that the nearest place to buy a Barren Command Center is...Heydieles! Looks like we captured it just in time :) (Update: you can buy from Actee as well, which is much easier!)

Aideron Robotics owns three  four POCOs in Fliet (and two in Heydieles), so if you're interested in doing PI and like the idea of paying zero tax, you should join us and get space-rich.