Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Shoulda Stood In Bed

Firpo knocks Dempsey out of the ring - painting by George Bellows

We went out on a roam with our Battle Exequrors last night. It's a cruiser logi ship carrying combat drones; the idea is that we can rep each other very strongly in any fight we take, while our Hammerhead II drones will take down anything we meet.  It's a funny idea, but very effective when it works. We ended up with a fleet of around 20, mostly Exeqs, with some smaller tackle ships...and no fights, at first. We roamed around for a long while finding empty systems or a large frigate gang that didn't want to fight and easily outran us on two occasions.

Just as things seemed like they might be winding down one of our scouts found a worthy target. A neutral Dominix (battleship) was sitting on a gate...almost certainly this was a bait ship. The attack was called and Ashterothi pointed the Dominix. We followed into the fight, then the Domi's Heavy Armor Cruiser (HAC) support fleet jumped in and it all went south rather quickly. We lost (see 2014-04-10 around 03:15 in Vlill) eight Exeqs, a Fed Navy Comet, an Atron and two pods. I was also carrying around 40M in long-stashed loot that I'd picked up from a station earlier in the night when things were very quiet; I'd assumed I'd would make it back to Fliet in one piece. Oh well, that's the game :)

The good news, though, was that the Gallente FW militia have hit tier 3! This means there are nice bonuses for plexing and that will be my focus for a while. I've been buying datacores cheaply for a while and I suspect the price is going to drop even further as Gallente FW pilots gorge on LP - it's been a long time since we were in Tier 3.


The title is a quote from Joe Jacobs in 1935.