Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enter the Batalyst

It was a fun and profitable couple of hours in Eve last night. I started by running a couple of plexes in once-more-Caldari-held Heydieles and got a nice chunk of Loyalty Points. I've been spending my LP on high-grade implants. They sell very slowly, but are worth up to 8000 ISK per LP, more than four times what I usually consider a good conversion rate. I'm not in a rush to get the LP converted to cash, so this may be a good way to get the most bang for my buck. Check the fuzzwork lp store for a list of possible targets.
I've recently been building large amounts of Small Transverse Bulkhead I rigs for use in our cheap hull-tanked ships. Last night I had my first opportunity to actually fly one; a 3M ISK Catalyst that we call the Batalyst (here's one).

You can see a brief video here. We ran into a small frigate gang and we took them apart pretty quickly. I picked up 20M in loot afterwards, on the promise that I spend it bringing more of them in from Jita, which I will do.

We had flown past a 16-ship CALSF cruiser fleet during our travels and they were headed to Fliet, looking for a fight with us. Corp members logged in to bring up our numbers and we took our cruisers out to meet them. The results (see 2:55 to 3:00 AM 2014-09-04). We lost no ships and killed 12 of them. Here's a video from Keewee Maleewi in a neuting ship, a perspective I haven't seen before. I flew logi anchor in this fight and I'm happy to say we kept everyone repped and in-range.

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