Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Best Trading Day Ever

And I didn't have to get past Hassan either...

My trading alt had a really good day, selling a couple of big ticket items that I'd been trying to shift for a while. She'd sold an Aoede Mining Laser Upgrade for 692M (bought two days prior for 470M) yesterday afternoon, so I was feeling pretty pleased with that already. But she topped that with a tattoo just a few hours later for 850M (bought 10 days prior for 450M). And a few hours after that, I unloaded a Phanca cybernetic arm for a shade under 1B ISK, having bought it seven days before for 652M.  It's worth buying and holding these big ticket items, if you have a big cash buffer already, because when they have price swings, they are HUGE and can give you a lot of profit in a very short time. Total gain here, by the way, is 970M ISK. Maybe people were selling these in order to buy one of the new cybernetic arms that came out with Hyperion?

I've also found there's a decent profit to be had buying blueprints from around Jita and selling them at the station. People will pay, say 1M isk to avoid going six jumps to buy the same BPO for 125K ISK. And BPOs from other regions have even bigger markups.

On my main, I'm continuing to build ship hulls and rigs for the corp new derp fit. The Gallente militia just took complete control of the warzone so I think we'll do defensive plexing and/or FW missions to rake in the LP.