Monday, September 16, 2013

How Not To Plex

Here Comes an Incursus...I wonder if it will be my friend?

Damn it, I was warping out! I was warping out! And then I changed my mind and stopped my ship just to make sure the incoming Incursus, coming in to the novice plex I was soloing, was actually there to attack me.

Seeing he was neutral, and so likely to be a pirate, I ran off. I actually got away, I did, but I warped to the Sun and Mr Incursus followed me...yes I warped to 0, why do you ask?  I had been fumbling with menus trying to find my corps 0km dock, which gave him the time to arrive at the sun and target me.

I tried to warp away again but had already been scrammed, webbed and smacked upside the head.  I actually managed to lock him and take 2/3rds of his shields, but of course an Incursus is armor-tanked so I knew this wasn't an even fight at all.

[Update: he got killed soon after getting me]

Lessons learned: 

Soloing a plex is do-able in any ship, but warp out immediately if someone is coming in. I was using d-scan, saw him coming and didn't leave quickly.

Keep your align on your escape route. I kept clicking on the beacon to get the camera to look down so I could check the timer countdown on the button. When the Incursus arrived I was too addled to re-align properly and just picked the sun as my target, which took time to align up.

If you get away, warp again in case you are being followed. Practice warping to a safe if you have them, and doing it quickly. The "cascading menus that are all the same color and go off screen if you're too close to the edge" will stop this from working if you're not careful.