Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick On Our Feet...and First Kill Assist!

Last night was a quiet one, only a few corp members logged on.  I asked if anyone wanted to go out plexing and two others did, so off we went. One quickly had to log out and attend to Real Life, so it was just me and my buddy in his Tristan.

Good Advice in EVE

We had an eventful night that mostly involved running away! The first event was a quick death. Halfway through warping to a plex, my friend calls out "Stop!" but it was too late. I arrive in the jaws of a couple of destroyers and they make short work of me. I re-ship and join "Just-In-Time-Eh Tris" in a different plex.

We're counting down a medium plex when a group of 15 neutrals appear on d-scan.  We quickly bug out, jump twice and arrive at a safe.  This is the part I'm happiest with; an orderly, quick retreat saved our bacon (unlike my experience a couple of nights ago).  While I sit at the safe my Tristan-piloting friend flies back in to a nearby planet to d-scan the fleet, determining how many of them could come after us in a small or novice plex. The numbers are high, so we keep waiting and they eventually leave.

This repeats itself a couple of times, though in smaller groups of twos and threes, but in the end we took two plexes and picked up about 10000 loyalty points.

I just went to check the kill boards to get a link to my death, and whaddaya know, I helped get a kill! My warp scrambler hit this Incursus and and ally finished him off. I also inflicted a tiny amount of damage, fearsome warrior that I am.