Friday, September 20, 2013

"We have three frigates, but one of 'ems Vic"

Despite the title, it was a great night! That phrase was, of course, followed by "no offense" and "none taken" back from me, it was just part of assessing our capabilities for handling an interesting development.

Four Aideron pilot had joined with some QCATS to scoot around Heydelies and Fliet looking for GoodFights. We found some likely targets in a novice plex (only frigates can enter) but many of our fleet were cruisers, so we sat on the entrance gate and waited for them to come out.  They didn't come out, but more of their allies arrived and entered the plex before we could stop them. And more of OUR allies arrived and sat on the gate. I'd never seen a situation like this, with ships piling up on either side, but no fight starting. Smack was talked in Local, trying to goad them into coming out, but they didn't take the bait.  The question about sending our frigates in to attack was raised but with only 3 frigates and one being very green, that wasn't an option.

After five minutes or so the whole thing just defused. A new small plex opened so we all went into that. A fight started on the entrance gate and we all bounced out and returned to the gate to join in. And that's where I got on my first PROPER kill!

First Proper Kill!

[KILL MAIL] I'm very happy with how this played out, because I actually Made A Decision; this wasn't a point-n-click kill. A Caracal arrived just after I did, landing at 70km for us. Three of us burn towards it and it begins to move away. I hear the other two say its getting away, though I notice I'm catching up to it, albeit slowly. They give up the chase and my first thought is to keep going and chase the guy. I quickly have a second thought: "If you catch him, he'll kill you." and I figure that he's trying to split us up.

I also turn around and head back to the acceleration gate.  Luckily for me the Caracal turns and flies into our gang. I give the command to orbit him, turn on damage control (I remember this time!) and begin to close on him. He's already engaged by two of our pilots, at about half shield when I get into scram range. He's already pointed but I scram him anyway and when I get close enough I activate the guns. It takes about 45 seconds to bring him down and 2 other pilots join in too....I'm not sure why the Caracal decided to engage us; he was clearly outnumbered.

Luckily for me he didn't target me at all, though he did a lot of damage to a couple of our pilots. My shield was barely scraped; sometimes its nice to be not important enough to kill!

Other Activities

I've bought 4 Ventures and cloaks to give my cloaky salvage idea a try, but I got turned on to a different plan by a corpmate.  It's safer, easier and faster to make ISK by hunting pirates in the asteroid belts and collecting security status tags. Watch this Johnny Pew video that shows what to do. I hope I can fly a fit that can take them on. [Later update: this is on hold: clone soldiers pirates are badasses! Instead I'm using my cloaked venture to run Faction Warfare plexes, hiding when anyone enters the plex, and uncloaking when they leave.]