Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aideron comms in the spotlight

A recent post on Crossing Zebras caused a minor kerfuffle, mainly about the way that Aideron uses Mumble instead of Teamspeak for communications. I believe we do this for security reasons; it's easier for us to automate the identification of those present and screen out non-Gallente pilots. The original text was even more harsh...apparently some GalMil pilots call us "little North Korea".

The rule is actually more nuanced than that: Aideron-led fleets will use Mumble, but if we join someone else's fleet, we use Teamspeak. We have also built channels for all other GalMil corps to use.
For my own update, it's just more of the same: trading, making T1 rigs, assembling ships for the corp. I did have a breakthrough in understanding WTF Crius did to blueprints, though. I had some T1 rig BPOs that were partially researched; I only needed 1 or 2 ME points, pre-Crius to make them "perfect" (i.e no material waste when manufacturing), when I made the rig. Crius had a hard limit of ME 10 for the BPO to be "perfect", no matter what your personal industry skills were.

Lets take the example of my Small Hybrid Collision Accelerators, using fuzzwork's BPO calculator. "Perfection" used to be 4-3-5 (4 Contaminated Lorentz, 3 Charred Micro and 5 Fried Interface). Post-Crius this went to 4-3-6, an extra Fried Interface. I took me until just a few days ago to grok that the BPOs ME level applies best on a big job. Building ONE HCA, even with an ME 10 BPO will cost 4-3-6, but building ONE HUNDRED will not cost 400-300-600. It will cost 360-270-540, a ten percent discount on material wasted.

I've moved almost all my manufacturing out of Jita, since I can make the same items near Fliet for much less cost, then move the output to market with our corporate jump freighter service. I've also started selling BPOs at Jita; there's quite a nice markup on some of them if you find the right ones, and you get to buy them from NPCs, so the supply is limitless.

[Update Oct 2014: I moved a bit of manufacturing back to Jita, for the items that I intend to sell there. Why? The fee is trivial compared with the markup on the items. I can easily buy the needed materials there, build the finished items and sell them for triple what it cost to make, without ever undocking. It's not a huge amount of money, but it's better than leaving the lines unused.]


I'm going to finally use my third character slot soon! Yes, I've played for almost a year with just two characters: my main and my Jita trading (and occasional high-sec missioning) alt. My wife had started playing Eve, but it didn't catch on, so I've been using her high-sec Gallente character as a hauler. However, her account will be timing out soon so I'm going to roll up a new hauler, and possible mission runner, and let the other account go to sleep for a while. I've been turning a very nice profit buying certain rat loot items in Essence, then rounding them up into piles, then using public contracts to get them to Jita for sale. I started this right after the Mordu's legion rats were added to low-sec asteroid belts, figuring that the increased traffic would result in a larger flow of valuable rat loot, and it did!

[Update Oct 2014: Still not using the 3rd character slot! I use public contracts to move my piles of purchased rat-loot into bigger piles, then on to Jita for sale. If I had more time to play, I'd make another PI character, but I don't...there's barely enough play time to make use of the two I have now.]