Monday, August 19, 2013

A Quiet Weekend

The past few days have been a bit of a grind. My attempts to track more advanced mission runners down generally led to rooms already cleared and/or the runner using tractor beams and salvage drones to keep all the goodies for themselves, and rightly so.

And the looting I was able to get done did not yield much in the way of spoils, except for a very nice find of 5 Integrated Acolyte Scouts, which I'm selling for a big pile of cash.  My most common activity has been mining, which I can easily do while AFK and play with my son while keeping an eye on the screen.

I've shifted my attention to the Arnon system because that's the #1 place in my region for NPC kills. I figured that meant lots of missions being run, but if I want to mix it up with those runners, I'll need a better ship and better equipment. However, my skills are keeping me in basic ships while my wife trains her character instead.

My new plan in this area is to manufacture and sell items. There's a factory nearby and the prices for useful and basic items at Arnon is sky-high, for those mission runners who need fresh equipment and don't want to wait or travel to get it. It was interesting going through the logistics of moving vital supplies from my old home base to Arnon, getting a factory slot and shipping/refining the minerals I needed for my first big manufacturing job.  That will be complete in 2 days and I should be able to double my money on it. That's a nice profit margin, but it isn't a lot of money to start with, so eventually I'll have to graduate to more expensive items if I want to get serious ISK from manufacturing....I'll also need more skills in that area.

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