Friday, August 16, 2013

Phoenix Rising

I've been playing Eve for about a week and after derping around with tutorial missions and some mining, I decided to try some ninja salvaging as that seemed like my sort of thing.
I fitted out my Imicus with combat probes, expanded probe launcher (jeez, that thing eats electricity!), 4 hobgoblins for protection, 2 salvagers and various speed boosts. I wasn't quite getting the probing mechanics down correctly, so I decided to just visit the visible anomalies in my current system and see if there was any loot floating about.
Like an idiot I clicked the handy-dandy "Warp" button that CCP kindly provided, which warps to 0, parking me right next to the barrel of two sentry tower. Like the father of all idiots, instead of warping out, I launch my drones and see what they can do. Not much, it turn out. I was dead 20 seconds later.
Feeling a strange "I'm dead? But can I reload and try again? Why not? That's so unfair!" I pod back to the station, where my Rage Beast lives, a Catalyst with 7 75mm gats. I suit up and fly on wings of righteous fury to the Serpentis kindergarten and blat them. I also loot my wreckage, which thankfully gives me back most of the stuff I was carrying. I also manage to loot one of the pirates before the next wave of pirates ("there are more?! Shit!") arrives and I bug out when my armour hits 30%
To my great surprise, and, I feel, a tribute by the game to my valiant but paper-thin Imicus, the loot turns out to a 2.3M ISK thingummy-whatsis! I put it on the market for 2M and it sells quickly! Woohoo - score! My First Time was, like so many are, disappointingly quick but with a memorable outcome.
I buy another Imicus, fit it out similar to the first one, but with a bit more speed and vow to NEVER warp to zero. The night unfolded from there with 5-6 million in loot, getting better with the probe scanning mini-game and BEST of all, a tip of the hat to Gnosis pilot John S Severasse, who splatted a crapload of rats with me floating 100km behind him, and marked ALL the wrecks as abandoned and let me have at it! I sent him a thank you in Local and he messaged me saying he gave me the wrecks because I didn't start shooting and let him have the kills. Something about a shadow NPC?
Anyway, it was a fun few hours and I made a goodly amount of ISK with not much knowledge. I'll be converting my trial account to a real one and hope to see you out there soon.

(This was originally posted at Reddit in /r/eve)

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