Friday, August 23, 2013

Cleanup on Aisle 1!

I spent a couple of hours last night moving most of my stuff from my old home base around Couster/Algogille to Arnon.  Now that I have some good manufacturing and buying/selling orders set up, I had been wanting to run missions and blow some pirates up.  Even though it would have been pretty cheap to buy a new fighting ship and equip it, I knew I had perfectly good stuff lying around at the old homestead and would rather bring all that stuff over.

So jumped in my flying warehouse, an Iteron Mark V with 5 expanded cargo holds, and flew it back to Couster.  I'd looked over my asset list already, and used the handy maps at to figure out the best path through the four or five planets where I'd dumped stuff. I also had lots of ore lying around (I ended up selling it all) and some stale sell orders that needed cancelling.  AND I had a shopping list of blueprints I wanted to buy.  All this information was in a Google Docs document where I jot down notes on what I wanted to do at each planet, so it was pretty easy to go through them one at a time and make sure I didn't miss anything.  The only incident was when I took a side trip to one my target worlds in an Imicus instead of the Very Slow To Travel Iteron, and as I passed through a gate I was warned of a warp scramble attempt! Was that aimed at me, or was it someone else in the area getting targetted?

The Iteron returned to Arnon with 12400 cubic meters of stuff, including three spaceships, in its hull.  I took the blueprint for an item I'm hoping will make huge profits for me to my factory, but the delays are now around 2 days. I may take it and some minerals to my backup factory instead so the job can be done more quickly.

My next job will be to get that manufacturing started and then go fly a few pirate-zapping missions. I'll probably be quite overpowered!

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