Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Report - Tradeapalooza!

I focused on getting stock of the the last few items I wanted to trade in. A couple of expensive items at Arnon are actually very cheap to make, though they only sell a few a day. Still, I have a good stock of them now, and also set up buy orders on those items for even less than it costs to make them!  Its still kind of amazing how cheaply other players will sell things that are so valuable. They're playing a different style of game than me, which is just fine from my point of view :)

I went to Jita to buy one of those blueprints. It was my first trip there and it was a bit nerve-wracking seeing all those gate campers. At one point I saw two warp scramble attempts!  I made sure the value of my cargo wasn't high enough to be worth attacking me for.  I used's trade finder to identify some other goods to take with me, and goods to pick up and bring back, and it worked great! I made several million profit on the trip and might do more of that in future. It's a 15 jump trip, which is a bit boring, though.

I'm halfway through the Sister's epic arc, which is giving me practice with combat. I'm using an Imicus with 5 hobgoblins and 3 salvager's in the drone bay. They handle these missions very easily and I'll be looking for a level 2 security mission soon, or a slightly higher level pirate cosmic anomaly, to see how they do. I'll have Drones V in a couple of days, so we'll be even more ready for combat.

I've maxed out my orders now, with buy and sell orders on a lot of stuff. I didn't realize you can't change the quantity of an order after it is set, nor can you cancel it, so I'll have to wait for them to clear in order to do more.