Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Serpentis Phi Outpost

There was a Big Boy fleet in action last night, doing hub bashes, cynos and other large-scale things that I wasn't needed for, so I did a little exploration in our home system. I found a Serpentis Phi Outpost, a 2-room complex with NPCs in it that is rated difficult 4 out of 10. I was quite sure I couldn't do it myself, but I've seen several videos in which delonewolf runs them either solo or with his brother. I invited corp members to come and do the site with me and Yoyo and Phyridean came along for a new experience.

It went very well with nobody in any danger. I was in a drone Algos and the guys used a Nighthawk and an Ishtar; we cleared the place in about fifteen minutes. I bookmarked one wreck in each of the two rooms, dropped a Mobile Tractor Unit in the 2nd room and went back to station to get in a salvaging Imicus with salvage drone. Picking up all the loot and salvage from both rooms the total value came to about 22M ISK.

As to my own skills I'm just finishing Advanced Weapon Ugrades IV, which will let me fly our corporate Vexor fit, minus the tech 2 heavy drones. I'm then going to give my station trading alt some attention, giving her more orders to work with and lower her fees and taxes.