Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Fun Night: Hub Bash

Me disguised as Steve Kilbey.

Hub Bash in Oulleta

I joined Zak's fleet, and got on a Goonswarm Jaguar and Firetail kill using my long-point Atron, which is a lot of fun to fly. Some of the pilots in fleet were *extremely* happy to have got a few Goons. Then we ran into Old Man Gang in Nennamalia and got killed. I almost got out, but got scrammed before warp drive kicked in.

At that point we hooked back up with the main Aideron fleet, which was heading out to Oulleta to bash the ihub and flip the system.  It took a while and we were interrupted once by a Soultakers hotdrop of some rather big ships. We were already aligned out so we escaped cleanly (while killing the Vexor that had lit the cyno), waited a few minutes and returned to finish the hub bashing job. The flip took longer than we'd planned for, so the fleet was stood down and we headed home. I'm pleased to see that the Gallente are at Tier 2 status again, so we'll get more loyalty points for all our faction warfare activities.

On the way back to Yvangier we started to play with a pirate gate camp. We were going to disengage, but our scouts reported that they were engaging with Ninja Unicorns on a gate. We charged in too, attacking whoever was in suspect status (to avoid taking gate fire), and got on 2 Oneiros, a Hurricane, Zealot, Omen and an Exequror kill. See the Jan 5th 2014 killboard in Melmaniel from 4:24 to 4:26. I'm writing this the next day and am pleasantly surprised to see so many kills after that fight, including a 1.8B ISK Archon (congratus Xuahn!)

Station Trading

I have been doing a lot of station trading on my Jita alt and its been very profitable! My starting capital came mostly from selling datacores that I bought with my faction warfare loyalty points. I'm going for thinly traded items with large margins, like clothing and faction guns, where you can buy for 10M and sell for 30M, but also doing well on a couple of cheap guns and decryptors that I buy for a few thousand and sell for 5-10X that amount. The guns traded steadily all day so it will be interesting to see which one makes more money over time, the hare or the tortoise. I'm considering creating another trader alt at another hub and doing inter-station trading, using for shipping, but I don't want station trading to take up all my time. It's already cutting into the time I spend on my main. I have 41 orders already and it takes about 10 minutes to go over them all and make sure I'm the top buyer/seller, though I inevitably find other stuff to look at too. I'm trying to decide if I should add more order slots or actually use LESS of them and just pick a couple of dozen expensive items and only trade in them so I don't get totally absorbed in centing. Centing? That's my term for 0.01'ing, the repetitive practice of changing your order prices to be the highest/lowest for that item.

I'm also realizing that the best place to park my money, even my main's money, is in good buy orders. My main has a pretty healthy wallet balance, but the easiest way to grow that money is to buy new items on buy orders and immediately sell them on sell orders. I'm currently trying to buy a couple of expensive implants that way, but it takes a while for them to fill.