Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank You Warp Core Stabilizer!

I just had a VERY close escape that I had to share. After a good night running a data site (20M) and 2 relic sites (5M total. I hate relic sites; I keep swearing off them, but occasionally give them a chance. Why?!) I had 29M in loot to haul back home. I thought about waiting till another night but trusted my luck, and the speed of my trusty Imicus to escape any danger.

It was a quick and uneventful series of jumps....until the Abune gate in Heydieles. Gate camp! A swarm of neutral pirates were there, along with several wrecks, drones swarming around and a few of them had suspect colors.  I held cloak for a while, hoping they were just in the process of leaving, but MORE arrived!  I gulped, started the video recording software and decided to go for it. Yvangier gate selected...Warp!

"Warp Drive Active" says the voice and the Imicus slowly cranks up...I've got no rigs to help this process go faster...and....scrambled...I'MGONNADIE!....whoosh; we're warping!  But how?  Oh yes, I remember that I fit a warp core stabilizer to this ship!  When I get a chance I'll post the video here too, it's a nice moment of "oh shit....YEAH!".

I also want to share my station trading secrets, which I've been using my alt for. It's been very profitable, so stay tuned for more in the next couple of days.

I have been working on a video showing my mistakes as a logi pilot. Work is very busy this week, so it'll be a few days yet, but the short version is "make sure you've selected the right ship BEFORE turning on the armor repairers."