Monday, January 27, 2014

In the Line of Fire - moved to Fliet

We had a GREAT fight last week. While plexing we were attacked by a fleet from RAZR and Green Berets, and although we were in frigates and destroyers, we cut their cruisers to ribbons. (For some reason Youtube wouldn't let me embed the video here, so watch at the link. Ashterothi is FC, followed by Arcturus (I think?). We killed a Cynabal, Wolf, Blackbird, Deimos, Auguror Navy, Harpy, Cynabal again, Harpy, Corax...a 30 second break...and more arrived, so we fought on...Coercer, two Thorax, two Vexors, Thrasher. And a Vagabond escaped us. What a fight! See kills here  between 03:53 and 04:00 AM on 01-25-2014. I was flying logi and my Navitas was the first to go down -- I was jammed and scrammed, but I did assign a combat drone to the FC and got on four kills :)

Aideron Robotics has moved into Fliet, a system right next to Heydieles. The move was done last night and went smoothly. Unfortunately for us, Old Man Star fell to the Caldari this morning (see the top part of this map) and the next logical target is...Fliet!  The coming days may be interesting.

My station trading activities continue to grow: I have 2.2B in buy orders now and have switched focus to just big ticket items: at least 50M profit per item. I have moved my cheaper buy orders into a "Cheap" subfolder in my Quickbar, and I'll attend to them when I can, but I do the expensive stuff first.

I finally undocked my Brutix and ran some level 3 missions; they were interesting, though I can see how the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. is a very useful site (it tells you what kind of damage you should prepare for on any given mission), and again I say that information should be in the game!  The only people who don't use it are new players, the very people you DON'T want to frustrate and annoy.