Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making Our Mark

I thought our relocation into Fliet was going to lead to a suffocating siege, since Old Man Star had fallen into Caldari hands the very morning after we moved. After a few days, though, this has not been the case. We have run some aggressive fleets, actively stomping on all and sundry. We have 878 kills for the month and with two days to go we should top 900 easily. I flew logi for the past couple of fleets and generally did well, better than usual, with almost no mistakes of repping the wrong person etc. I did manage to get blapped in a spectacularly stupid way last night, when instead of warping to another plex (which I'd d-scanned myself and alerted the FC about targets there) I instead activated the gate we were sitting at and flew into a 20-strong fleet that made short work of me. D'oh!

It's been impressive to see how quickly we reship and take fights in a well-organized way. We had very few deaths last night as we tore through enemy fleets. Kirith Kodachi is holding an open fleet on Friday night, no PvP experience necessary, so if you'd like to try it, come and visit!

In trade news, things have slowed down for my Jita trading alt. She's still sitting on a fortune - 740M in cash, 2.4B in buy orders, but last night I got a bit greedy and lost a valuable purchase. I've been trying for days to get a prosthetic arm for 700M on a buy order and since I have Margin Trading III and had put down less than half that amount, I made sure I had enough cash in my wallet to pay the balance if someone tried to sell me one. Literally ten minutes after over-extending myself, spending that cash reserve to add extra buy orders, and intending to replace the money from my main's wallet, I get an alert that my buy order had failed due to a low balance. Damn! Five days of waiting and RIGHT THEN someone decided to try and sell me the damned thing. Oh well.  I cleaned up some stale orders, buffed up my wallet and placed the order again, and this time I'll make sure there's enough to pay for it. [Later that week: I got one! I've been trying to sell it for days now, unsuccessfully. There are several other people selling them too and on average only one is bought per day. So far, I've not been lucky enough to be the cheapest seller when a willing buyer comes along.]