Thursday, December 5, 2013

Heydieles has fallen

From flickr user Pedro Vezini

The Caldari militia put overwhelming numbers in the field today and captured Heydieles. Congratulations to them for their tenacity! We look forward to taking it back again.

Later Update: I'm told Heyd was at only 60% contested the previous night, so the Caldari worked very quickly and steadily to capture it.

Our evacuation to a nearby system went smoothly, with only some of the expected hassling from Old Man Gang who were, I'm sure, very happy to kick us in the butt as we left. I got caught in by a large smart bomb in an Imicus at a jump gate, and it also killed my pod.  OK, NOW I'm seeing a pattern. Remember a few days ago I lost a set of +2 implants by getting podded two days after installing them? Well, this time I only had a single cheap implant but I guess it was enough to invite the Curse Of the Self-Podding Implant to strike again! I've now been podded twice, within a day or two after putting in implants.

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