Monday, December 16, 2013

Video added to earlier post

I've added the promised video showing the successful defense of Heydieles on November 29th. We lost the system a week later, but the fights on 11/29 were a lot of fun.

Last nights fleet was mainly focused on plexing in Heyd again. We had about 13 people in fleet and scored some great kills: slicing up this T2 frigate fleet from General Tso's Alliance was fun.

One of our pilots had a Really Bad Day in Eve. He got suicide-ganked TWICE, first losing an expensive mining vessel, then losing a cargo of datacores. He fought well in the evening's fleet though, acting as Hero Tackle in one of our fights. I directed his attention to PushX.Net and hope that will make his life a bit easier when it comes to moving valuable cargo around.