Monday, December 30, 2013

Roamin', Roamin', Roamin'

From flickr user Jim Surkamp

We did something a little different last night and went roaming, flying from system to system looking for fights. When I signed in the fleet was already up and running in Kedama and heading outwards. I asked what I should bring and was surprised to be asked for a "long point Atron", a fit we don't fly much. This is a fast tackle ship that can switch off the warp engines of a target at 24km away, but can't switch off the microwarp drive. So the target still has a chance to burn away...except that I have an MWD too and can chase them, keeping them in range and unable to flee, while the rest of our fleet applies damage and blows their ship up.

I'd never flown this role before, and my ship wasn't fit exactly to corp standards, but I have to say it was great fun! To be able to scram someone from that far away was like magic! Within seconds of arriving at the fleet in Kedama a Condor appeared. I quickly pointed him and chased, and he was dead very quickly. I easily got on another 8 kills in the ninety minutes and didn't die. You can see the complete results at this site between 2013-12-30 between 02:53 and 04:22

Our fleet felt like a quickly moving snake, sliding through these systems and catching a lot of ships unawares. This was quite a different atmosphere than what we've done for the last few months, sitting in a plex, orbiting the button and waiting. We also fought a lot of neutrals and my security status has slid to -1.9. A couple more of these and I won't be able to enter 1.0 security systems unless I go kill some pirates first.