Monday, December 9, 2013

Financial Weapons

This was a fun little incident that closed out my night of Eve yesterday. I had purchased a large number of rigs that weren't available at our current station. Well, there WERE a few, but instead of costing the normal 100-200K, they were listed at 1M each. Obviously someone trying to catch buyers who were desperate.

I listed mine for 175K, used a few on ships I was building and thought no more of it. At the end of the night I noticed my wallet balance was 10M higher than at last check. Sweet! What did I sell?

10 of these rigs....for 1M each! The buyer had accidentally clicked on the crazy-expensive listing and bought ten of them. The way Eve works is that in case of mistakes like this the sale goes to the cheapest offer (i.e me) at the price the buyer was willing to pay (ie 1M instead of 175K).

I chuckled and decided to offer a large refund to the buyer, assuming it was a member of my corp building their own ships, who had made a simple mistake.

I didn't recognize the buyer's name so I double-clicked on it see his corp and alliance...WAR TARGET! F*ck that guy! I'll use your money to buy the ship WITH WHICH I KEEEL YOU!

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