Monday, December 23, 2013

My Friends Are Here

Our assault on Heydieles began again yesterday morning, and I had the honour of starting the fleet. Our main fleet commanders FCs weren't going to arrive for a while so I thought I'd try and get something started before they arrived so they'd have some pilots to work with. Setting up the fleet was easy, though I had trouble find where to set the Message of the Day (MOTD). I advertised the fleet to the Gallente Militia channel in-game and seven pilots joined in about fifteen minutes, and luckily one knew more about actual FC'ing, so I turned the fleet over to him. I stayed with the fleet for a couple of hours.

It started slowly, with us taking plexes without resistance, but the enemy soon came out to play (see Dec 22nd to 23rd). We had up to 25 in fleet and were able to control the system, running the contested status up to 27% (started at 5%) at 10PM EST. I checked again early this morning and Heydieles was at 43%! That is a FINE day's work!

I flew logi (repair ships) most of the time, but deployed a single Hobgoblin II drone, assigned to the Fleet Commander so I could get on the kill mails :) I also enjoyed interacting with the new pilots that joined us: some new to faction warfare and others new to Eve itself. I was them only 4 months ago! One guy had been in a PvP corp that saw very little action and was blown away by how many fights we got into, and won, in just a couple of hours!

Blogger Kirith Kodachi is in our corp and wrote today about limited engagement timers: worth a read if you want to avoid falling prey to station games! I was one of the two logi that got killed in this fight.

But the BEST story comes from an incident that I missed. One of our pilots was killed, then his pod held for ransom. While the attackers pressured him to pay up he played for time and then said:

"My friends are here."

And the Aideron ships burst out of warp, pinned down the bad guys and blew them up! Hence my choice of graphic today :)  (Yes those are the psychotic amoral Reavers from the Firefly movie -- what's your point?)