Friday, December 27, 2013

Money's All Spent

From flickr user Profound Whatever


I went on a bit of spending tear over the last few weeks, spending more than half of my wallet balance setting up my own ship supply chain. I made a Google Docs spreadsheet to track my inventory of the components used in four of our fits and noted an approximate price and best-priced source for each component. I could have tried to automate that part, but decided not to. I mainly stuck with Jita, but if a cheaper source was available close to our Yvangier base of operations I bought the supplies there and ferried it over myself.

I also set up buy orders for many of the parts: I have Procurement III so I can place these orders within 10 jumps of my current location. These buy orders usually sit ignored but I've picked up some bargains too: ENAM IIs for 250K instead of 900K for example. But mostly, even if I'm the top buyer, the orders are not filled quickly so this method shouldn't be relied on if you need the parts urgently.

I also spent a lot of acquiring datacores, which I have not yet sold. Most have been shipped to Jita and I'm waiting for either a price spike or for me to run out money, forcing a sale!


We had a really good fleet last night and rampaged through Heydieles and surrounding systems for a while. I was in a Navitas and Exequror and did some good things, though I still messed up a couple of times. I've *just* now realized a common mistake I make: I lock a target and turn on the reppers WITHOUT first checking which of my current targets are selected.  As a logi pilot you always have the other logi and the FC pre-locked, so I have often started repping the other logi (who don't need it) instead of the poor bastard who needs armor! Now that I know how I keep falling into this mistake I hope I can avoid it.

I also discovered that you can turn off a particular armor repairer by clicking the icon that appears under the target, rather than trying to remember which of your three reppers is pointed at which target.

The best fight was against five Tech 2 ships (Pilgrim, Stabber Fleet, Arazu, Pilgrim, Arazu) - those are some pricey ships and we sliced 'em up good :)

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