Monday, October 21, 2013

Aideron vs TEST Alliance, I-Hub bash in Ladistier

You can watch this without music, if you prefer.

Last night saw several first time experiences for me, all enjoyable and I didn't get blown up while doing them! It was my first hub bash, my first time using Hobgoblin IIs and my first Tristan fight.

Our group of 15 pilots formed part of an 80-strong fleet that flipped the ihub in Ladistier (Story at We brought 7 9 Taloses and 2 Oracles, among other ships, and the hub went down very quickly. At the end of the video above you can see the last few seconds of that action. We weren't confronted by any enemy activity at all.

The main fight of the night for us was an encounter with TEST Alliance, famed in song and story. Our scout spotted this group and we chased them from Ladistier to Sujarento where they were waiting for us at the gate. We remained cloaked while Marcel called targets, then a quick countdown and off we went!

We lost five ships in the encounter but took out way more of them, plus two pods. You can see the outcome on the killboard -- see 13-10-21 from 02:46 to 02:50 at Sujarento.

The fight was very easy on me; I was only targeted briefly and since I was able to send my drones to each target as it was called I got on six kills! But I only contributed a few hundred damage to each. My Light Electron Blasters were simply too short ranged to hit the targets, which got destroyed quickly as they were primaried. The next time we go out for a roaming fleet I will switch to railguns, and assign my drones to the FC (as we'd been told to do, but I forgot to do!) and focus on using the guns/scram/web properly.

After the fight we docked up and counted the loot: over 70 million ISK! Well....some of it must have been ours, from the five ships we lost, but it was a good haul. We then discussed the fight and what we did wrong, which I think is an excellent time to have that discussion, while it is fresh in everyone's mind.