Friday, October 18, 2013

Moving Stuff

Paperwork by luxomedia

I finally set aside some time to go back to Arnon, my old home base and sell/repackage stuff in order to get it moved to my new home base. I also stripped various ships and got them ready for shipping too. My corporation, Aideron Robotics has a very kind member who will move stuff for free so I set up the contracts for what needed to move.

I have also buffed my skills in Marketing, Procurement and Day Trading so that I will be able to create buy and sell orders remotely, as well as change the prices on those orders. I don't fancy flying around picking up stuff from all over the place, but its a pretty quick operation to set up buy/sell orders.

After getting that organized I headed back to Yvangier and ran a data site and a relic site on the way. The data site yielded 13.3M, the relic site 1.7M. A pattern is is better than relic!