Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kill His Face

Some swearing in this video - NSFW

It was a fun night of combat in Ladistier, spiced up with some salty language. After the previous night's emphasis on space trucking I wanted to help with the plexing and the pew-pew so I got in an Atron (big help, huh?) and joined the thirty-five member fleet led by X Gallentius, to whom I offer congratulations on passing 10000 kills!

We were in Ladistier and ran a couple of plexes without getting a fight, though we did chase a couple of targets. There was a couple of speed-boosted ships that sat on the plex gate that we tried to snag a few times, without success.

The video above comes from a successful pursuit of a couple of ships that were seen going between Ladistier and Old Man Star. There are a couple of things to note for myself: firstly I again failed to turn on damage control and secondly I'm not sure why the Prophecy (kill mail here) didn't return fire. I'm assuming its because he was jammed and was therefore unable to lock anyone, but if I'm misinterpreting something please leave a comment below. Also I might have taken a big chance by opening fire against FC's orders -- was he not sure if the gate guns were going to open fire on us?

The best bit of the fight came afterwards when a friendly Tristan started shooting at fleet members (see 2:30 in the video). A guy who sounded like he knew the perpetrator, and was pretty mad at him, urged to "kill him, kill him, kill his face." This drew some laughs -- the poetry of aggression perhaps doesn't cross the language barrier very well -- but the guy was taken down and the FC remarked later that he'd get on comms with him and explain why he was killed, which I thought was very diplomatic of him.  It was odd that the "kill his face" guy, who sounded so eager to get this done, immediately urged us not to kill the pod.

We returned to Ladistier and kept plexing. A huge TEST Alliance fleet was seen entering the system: 17 Mallers and a bunch of other cruisers. FC considered reshipping to take the fight but we didn't have the numbers. There were some non-fleet militia in the medium plex with us and they stayed behind when we left. It must have been a huge, though brief, surprise to have 30 cruisers land on them! Here's one of those kill mails -- poor Anna Ashington is a new player, or alt, and our FC is actually on this killmail with some ECM.

Speaking of TEST Alliance and their entry into faction warfare, I asked the fleet what was the collective opinion of TEST's PvP abilities. A chorus of "sucks!" was heard though I can't remember what follow-up reasons were given.

I bugged out to Yvangier and re-shipped into my cloaky Imicus, ran a data and relic site (~20M total), docked up and logged out. My corpmate has picked up all my ships and supplies from my old home base, but it hasn't been delivered yet.