Monday, October 14, 2013

Heydelies is Liberated!!

My video of some this weekend's fighting

Heydelies is free (see 10-14-2013, 07:55) from the corporate jackboot of the hated Caldari! Its people will now be forced to party 24 hours a day, Gallente-style!

Big Picture

Report on

When I joined Aideron Robotics a month ago, I was told that reclaiming Heyd was our goal. We plexed, we fought, but whatever gains we made each night were rolled back by the next day, as players in other time zones undid our work.  But thanks to a concerted push (as reported on, Heyd has been reclaimed and Old Man Star is on its way to being under our control too.

Congratulations from this blog to Aideron Robotics and everyone involved in this effort! I think our ability to quickly co-ordinate effort on our shared Teamspeak server is a big help in this.

Little Picture

I spent the past couple of nights with the corp plexing, naturally, as we tried to reclaim Heydelies.  On the first night I was using up my last couple of Atrons and not doing much damage.

But on the second night I was able to produce longer videos of these fights (still at low res, sorry :( ) thanks to the great support of our logistics (repair) ships. You may notice in the video that I'm on my overview pod saver tab AND about to Warp Out until I notice that the logi's reps are tanking me! Therefore I was able to be the main damage dealer on Anslo's Stabber, which I locked because it was the closest target to me when we entered the plex. Frigates, including me, were supposed to take out their frigates and I forgot that a Stabber is a cruiser! But I used my scram, neut and web correctly (eventually), though I forgot to turn on Damage Control for at least one of these fights.

On Friday night the FC handed out "Attrition Thrashers" and two waves went out. They were intended to be lost, but at 1M ISK a piece we did FAR more damage to the enemy. A second wave was sent, followed by a derptron (cheap Atrons, same idea) fleet from Aideron. After taking out a Stabber Fleet Issue (73M) and a Hurricane (61M - see video), among other things, the Caldari retreated and did not re-emerge.

Other Stuff

During a short downtime I found a couple of data sites and scored 21.5M and 15M ISK of loot -- not bad for 20 minutes work with no enemies in sight! I've also studied Marketing III which allows me to set up sell orders up to 10 jumps away. That covers 99% of my stuff, so I have started selling the big piles of ammo I've been accumulating with buy orders in Arnon. I have also created buy orders for some the equipment we commonly use in Aideron ships, just to see if that works. 

Honestly though, the hands-down best way to make money is to run data sites. It usually yields 10-20M ISK per site (in low-sec; I haven't tried nullsec) and there are very seldom any other players around if you pick a low-traffic system. There are also no NPCs (except in wormholes) so you don't need to worry about combat.

[Late update: On Sunday night I stayed away from the fighting; it was late and I'd been out. So I just explored and found only a couple of data sites, for a total yield of about 15M. It would have been more if I hadn't failed a difficult hack on a juicy tower.

I found a relic site in high-sec (0.5) and decided to run it, just to see what I'd find. I shouldn't have bothered, and never will again. Three towers yielded 24000 ISK of T1 salvage. That's not a typo - twenty four thousand ISK. What a joke! CCP should buff the yield of these sites if they want high-sec players to take an interest in exploration.