Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fighting Fit

Photo by AstroGuy

This is a short update and I'm also thinking that I'm settling into a nice routine. Nice for me, ISK to be made, fights to be had, but it might be difficult to write interesting comments about it! But I'll try!


I started last night with a quick attempt to plex in my cloaked Imicus. I figured that any cloaked ship would work with my very cowardly method for plexing. I chose the Imicus instead of my usual Venture because I could use 4 drones to try and take down the NPC defender. The smallest empty plex I found in Heyd was a small, but my drones had only been out for a few seconds when an Incursus appeared on short scan. I couldn't cloak because I was locked by the NPC, so I abandoned the drones and warped out.  In local I saw someone type "u plex in an Imicus?" and the reply "u wot mate?" came from someone he'd been pursuing or sparring with. I wasn't sure if I should own up to it or not, so I stayed quiet :)

Next I turned to exploration and despite scanning about ten sigs across several systems I found only one exploration site -- a relic site. The loot was quite cheap and I had only 3.5M ISK worth after five towers. I was unenthusiastically slogging through it when a Sisters Probe showed up on d-scan. I remember the advice I'd read - "If anyone shows up on d-scan, run!". I warped out and headed back to my home system.

New Fit

Our CEO has come up with a better fit for low-skilled pilots to use and my recent training was Weapons Upgrade V, Advanced Weapon Upgrade I and II and I'm currently doing Small Hybrid Turret V (to get ready for T2 guns). By next week I should also be able to use Tech 2 Hobgoblins. I can fly the new fit and took a copy out to the local asteroid belts to give it a try. 

Honestly, it felt good to warp to 0, lock and start blasting! I took out a couple of sets of 3 pirates and practiced getting into a tight orbit  around them as quickly as possible and using all the tools on the ship. Interestingly I lost all my shield and small bit of armor on both sets of rats while using antimatter charges. 

I was going to try using Faction Navy ammo to see if I could improve on that when I stumbled on a Drake.  He'd just finished killing a mining barge and I almost succumbed to the rush of blood to my head and thought "maybe the Drake got badly damaged and I could finish him off? Perhaps he can't handle a frigate at short range?" I decided not to do that though and just returned to base. I told my corpmates about it but they didn't have suitable fits ready to go for a fight like that.