Thursday, October 10, 2013

Busy Busy

Another busy night in New Eden! It was a strange sort of busy-ness though, with fights never quite happening until the end of the night.

I took our new Atron fit out for a spin with Kyle and two other corpmates. We ran two plexes and roamed a little but didn't find any action. So we returned to Yvangier to practice slingshotting and pew-pew each other down to structure.  As 9PM hit several more corp members logged on and we got a bigger fleet together. The word came that Brave Newbies were stomping around in Heydelies so I was sent to see what I could find out. I messed up a bit here, through inexperience. They wanted me to use d-scan to determine the fleet composition, using this tool, but instead of drawing correctly my browser just downloaded index.php to my hard disk! So I reported as best I could until another corpmate got into a cloaky ship and went directly to where the BNI fleet was. I had reported dscanning them at the Villore gate, but it turned out they were at a nearby station which lay in the same 5 degree "cone of view".

We joined a QCATS fleet in stalking the BNIs but no fight resulted. It was interesting, for a first-timer like me, to bounce around from gate to gate trying to get BNI to fight, but they avoided us and eventually docked up.

There were eight Aideron pilots left so we hopped into a medium plex, bypassing a cluster of chain-repping battlecruisers on the gate, and as the clock ran down on the plex a Caracal showed up on d-scan.  We're not sure why a single pilot decided to enter a plex with eight ships in it, include two logi (repair) ships, but he did, and the kill shown in the video above is the result. The new fit includes a Nosferatu, which drains energy from the target and transfers it to me.

It was a good night for plexing too - I was in five capped plexes and made about 15000 LP.

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