Friday, October 25, 2013

Taking the Algos Destroyer out for a spin

My very generous corpmates gave me a Tristan and Algos last night to take into Heydelies for some plexing. The system we captured a short while ago has been aggressively plexed by the Caldari and their allies and stood at 45% contested. If they continue at this pace they'll recapture Heyd by next week!  We decided to try and roll the clock back a little ways. When the dust settled we had managed to take two plexes.

Our first attempt nearly ended in instant failure. We got this Merlin, but a well-known Eve video streamer called Hershman showed up (4h31m here and again at 4h40m, where he tries to lock me! Luckily I was running away at the time! He also talks to our Ashterothi at 4h45m) in a powerful 465 DPS Enyo and broke us up. We ran and re-docked, switching into Algos destroyers. I said on comms that I was nervous about losing this, the most expensive ship I'd flown, and Ash told me he'd blow it up if I kept saying that :) It's about 17M ISK, which is small beans to a corp.

Hershman was gone by the time we got back to Heydelies, but we found a gang of four and caught them at the Heyd gate next door in Abune. Kyle had gotten them to aggress, which (I think?) kept them from jumping through to Heyd . It was a satisfying, but quick, fight -- lots of Hobgoblin IIs can make short work of an Incursus, Thrasher, Thrasher and Merlin.  I picked up all the loot (26M ISK) and dropped it in a corporate hanger (I promise!).

I lucked out at found 2 data sites and a relic site in our home system and they yielded about 30M in loot.


In trade news, I've found that creating a region-wide buy order for Antimatter Charge S results in a LOT of Antimatter coming your way! Most of it comes to 2 or 3 systems so it is easy to create a sell order at that system and make an almost-instant 50% profit without having to undock. How? You need the Marketing skill, and Daytrading too, which allows you to change order prices so you can follow the market as needed.